Different kinds of biofuel can be dried and grinded.

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The picture shows deink sludge, original product, two fractions and pellets.

Every year the total amount of sludge produced by the world’s pulp and paper industry amounts to 40 million tonnes. The sludge is hard to recycle due to problems regarding combustions, deposit, handling and transport because of the sludge’s high water content.

The Airgrinder process has proven to be especially suited for drying with low energy consumption for sludges that are hard the treat within the paper and pulp manufacturing processes. Low temperature surplus heat can gain a high process value when it is used in the Airgrinder process.

Lignine, fibre sludge and deink sludge is possible to dry and process further into incineration products.

Waste from beer manufactoring is produced in large scale. If the material is dried in the Airgrinder reactor the waste’s high energy content can be utilized.

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