Within the metal industry the Airgrinder technology can be used in a number of different ways.

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Sludge from blast furnaces is transformed to a fine, dry powder.

Within the steel industry there are several applications where hard to treat residues can be transformed into new raw material or where storage problems can be solved.

Airgrinder has, in close cooperation with leading scientists at Mefos in Luleå, Sweden, conducted tests on a number of materials from steel- and other process industries. These include sludge from blast furnaces, steel and copper production. After drying in the Airgrinder process the material is free-flowing and thus very suitable for effective injection, e. g. into a converter.

Besides drying of different sludges the Airgrinder technology can be used for e. g. grinding of processed casting sand.

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Test results regarding Mineral can be found here.

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