Cooperative partners

    Airgrinder is currently cooperating with these partners.

    Metallurgical applications
    MEFOS (Metallurgical Research Institute AB) are located in Luleå, Sweden.

    MEFOS is an industrial research institute for the metalworking industries.
    2005 Airgrinder installed a machine in Luleå, and it is operated by research crew led by Janne Tikka.

    Drying of biofuel
    SLU BTK, Umeå University, Sweden.

    The Unit of Biomass Technology and Chemistry at SLU aims to contribute to a sustainable society by research and education. Renewable biomass from plants in combination with recycled products make the base for production of energy and industrial raw material. Analyses of bio fuels are done at our certified laboratory. SLU-BTK is 2007 to 2010 hosting the national research programme for fuel pellets. The Biofuel Technology Centre, a national research pilot plant for solid biofuels such as pellets and briquettes, is also a part of the Unit.

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